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Online English Courses

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Face to Face / Online
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Batticaloa, Ja Ela

If you are far away from a Headway language centre this is the right course for you. You can avoid travelling and enjoy learning English at the comfort of your home. Distance is no more a barrier to learn English.

Are you a busy parent and find it difficult take your children to Headway? Are you a differently abled student who cannot travel? Online courses are the best for you.

Almost all English courses offered at Headway are also available ONLINE. Teachers will appear on your smartphone/tab/ desktop /laptop screen to teach the course you register. Learning English online is not very different from learning in a face-to-face classroom. Teachers will listen and watch you and encourage you to speak, read and write English. They will also have language games to make you enjoy learning English.

You will learn grammar and vocabulary in a similar way you would learn in a classroom. Teachers will share worksheets on your screen, use the white board to clarify your questions

Your will almost feel as if you are sitting next to a teacher at home!

What courses are available ONLINE?

  1. English Course for kids from 5 to 10 except for LG 1
  2. English for secondary grade children 11- 19
  3. Module Based Spoken English Course for Young Adults
  4. Diploma in English
  5. IELTS Preparation Course
  6. IELTS Life Skill A1

What do you need?

You simply need a device (smartphone/tab/ desktop laptop) , a good headphone and internet connection to join.

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