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List of courses

Young Learner English Courses (Age 06 to 10)

DynEd’s ‘Let’s Go’ English language Program is a computer-based English language course for kids. This SIX level course combines a world-renowned software with face to face teaching. Kids come to the computer lab and do self-study sessions with the help of our trained instructors. In the face to face sessions they interact with other kids and the teachers.

Sessions: 3 sessions per week (2 lab sessions and 1 Face to face session)

Duration per level: 144 hours

Young Learner English Courses (Age 11 to 15)

This course has SIX levels. The course content is relevant and attractive to teenagers. All four skills are learned in a very interactive manner and kids make a class projects summarizing what they learn after each unit.

When they leave Headway, their language skills will enable them to follow any degree course in a local or a foreign university.

Sessions: 3 hours per week (02 session)

Duration  per level:  96 hours

Adult English Courses

Are you a student who has just completed your O/L or A/L?  Are you someone who has completed your university studies? Are you someone who is looking for a job? Are you already employed? Join our adult Spoken English Courses and speak English as fast as never before! Even if you have never studied English before Headway can help you.

First sit for a placement test- Our friendly teachers will choose the best level for you.

Depending on your current level of English, you will be placed in one of our 9 modules ranging from beginners to advanced. You learn to speak English using the right grammar, write e-mails and letters, listen to native speakers and read a variety of texts.

Sessions: 2 sessions per week

Duration  per module: 34 hours

Exam Preparation Courses

Cambridge YLE Exams

Give your children confidence is earning UK English language qualifications when they are young. As a CAE (Cambridge Assessment -English) registration center, Headway has partnered with the British Council for many years.  YLE (Young Learners English) exams as they are popularly called have three levels: Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers.

Cambridge Main Suite Exams

Children above 12 years and adults can sit for these exams which have SIX levels: A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency. Students can earn these certificates as they move from one Module Based Spoken English Course for Young Adults to another.

International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) and IELTS Life Skill A1

Headway has been a British Council IELTS registration center for many years. Headway students and outsiders can reserve seats and register for these exams and benefit from receiving exam preparation materials and workshops FREE of charge.

Professional Language Courses

Information and Communication Technology ICT

Certificate Program in Office Productivity Tools for Knowledge workers –

As a franchisee for SLIIT Computing Colombo, we provide basic ICT programs for adults with essential areas of computing; Operating System, Microsoft Office Packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Access), Internet & Email and troubleshooting. 

Hospitality English

Are you an individual from the hospitality industry or are you a business owner?  Headway can help you and your employees learn Hospitality English and enhance your services to the increasing demands of the industry.

One Day Workshops

These are ideal for employees from a variety of industries:

  1. Writing Effective e-mails
  2. Improving Presentation Skills
  3. English for the Health Sector- For nurses
  4. Goal setting

ICT program by SLIIT

Other Courses